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The Evolution of a Dream

Evolution: (1) the "process of development, as from a simple to a complex form, or of a gradual, progressive change," "(5) the development of a species, organism, or organ from its original or primitive state to its present or specialized state"

Webster's New World Dictionary, 3rd Ed., p472

Why an evolutionary scale?

In today's world, a static site with little or no interactivity is generally doomed to a slow demise as visitors see the same content time and again. This gives the user the impression that the site is not current or even trying to keep up with current trends or technology. Users become bored with this lack of new content quickly and leave, word spreading of the inactivity of the site and it finally dies a lonely virtual death.

Therefore, a site needs to change and interact with those who visit it in order to stay alive and prosper. In this respect, a web site is much like a living entity. It must show new content to keep the viewer's interest and interact with others not of its own kind.

Toward that end, B&E's Anthro Movies has decided to implement an evolutionary scale for our site which is readily visible. This way, user's will get a feeling that the site has the ability to grow with them and provide newer and better content. With each stage of the evolution, new techniques will be implemented site-wide while providing better interactivity and information to its users. These stages will also coincide with the development of our Companion © product.

The Stages:

  1. The Birth.
    The very first signs of life for a site. The simplest, most basic needs are present for the site to be used. Little to no interaction with the user is provided other than links and information very specific to the site. It is not pretty, elegant or acceptable by today's standards but it gets the job done and is considered living at this point. There is no fancy coding to speak of, none at all in fact. (Any coding necessary to provide an ecommerce shop is present, however, as this is a basic part of its life cycle). Even the use of CSS is not present, instead relying on outdated tables and font tags to format everything but it is still able to function in most of the browsers.

  2. The baby starts to crawl.
    Coming soon.